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EnCO Matrix

This is the framework that we created to help you reach your net-zero goals and it is the start of your journey towards becoming an Energy Conscious Organisation. Download here.

Start your journey towards becoming an EnCO

The EnCO Webtool makes it easy to identify where your strengths and weaknesses for behaviour change lie through a short survey and also provides some simple recommendations of how you can improve too.
Start your journey towards becoming an EnCO today by using the Webtool to find out your organisation’s score.
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How to become an Approved EnCO Practitioner

If you are interested in finding out more and want to become an EnCO or you are keen to contribute towards other organisations goals by becoming an EnCO practitioner then you can find out how to do it below. 

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Hear from those that also took the course and are becoming qualified practitioners themselves!

Paul Webb, B2B Energy

The course is very well organised and there is much to learn from the instructors and the delegates. I recommend this course 100%.

Russell Monkman, Envantage

I feel this is a strong route to enabling organisations to start on a low carbon journey and engage with their staff throughout the process as it helps them understand gaps and enables discussion on improvements.

Sue Spilsbury, Carbon Decoded

If you are passionate about behaviour change then this course gives you all the tools you need to start changing hearts and minds. Brilliant support from Jes and John who are willing to share their vast experience.

Mike Tomaschiwsky, Optima Energy

Although the course was remote, it was well structured and enabled interaction between participants.  It gave you a clear understanding of how to gather the information needed to analyse an organisation’s behavioural approach to energy.  After analysing this through a comprehensive but easily understandable matrix, the course then goes on with guidance on how to structure your proposal and implement it. Highly recommended course.

David Chadwick, eLansys Ltd

Systematically ensures energy consciousness becomes everyone’s agenda.

Lee Pickersgill, Wideopen

I’d Just like to say a massive thank you for the opportunity to attend and complete the EnCO Consultant course with you, Jes and John. I found the course extremely informative and well delivered. I particularly liked the guest speaker revealing their insights and case study into what they have achieved by using the skills learnt during this course. I believe becoming an EnCO Consultant is the perfect first step for me on my quest for a new career in Energy Management. I will now strive to put the work in to achieve EnCO Practitioner in the future.

Dr Mark Burrows, npower Business Solutions

Behaviour change is an essential part of energy management…so this course is essential for any and all serious energy managers / consultants!

Tim Holman, TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd)

The new EnCO training modules from ESTA are an information-packed set of indispensable knowledge to help unleash the huge potential energy savings from changing the way organisations think and harnessing their employees’ help.

Steve Pick, British Gas

The EnCO course was created and delivered by experts in energy management and their experience and passion for the subject shows throughout each module. This course is full of great advice on how to make people in a business change their relationship with energy.

Sam Arje, TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd)

Behaviour change strategies within the workplace can produce some of the best paybacks of any investment in energy reduction. The EnCO course enables delegates to gain the necessary skills to be able to confidently work with clients to deliver these positive changes resulting in both cost and emission savings for their organisation.

Charles Dicks, Civic Planning & Design & Carbon Group

Particularly relevant to today’s needs and professional services and very inclusive.