Case Studies

What do these Case Studies achieve?

The scoring of the EnCO case studies (from 1* to 5*) has been put in place to support the objectives of the EnCO Vision, which is to ultimately have holistic, Measurement & Verification (M&V) proven case studies such that behaviour change projects become mainstream. This Vision is the only way to prove that behaviour change projects both embed change, measurably reduce energy use and are cost effective.  It should be noted that EVERY case study is a GOOD case study and this EnCO web site aims to become the repository for any and all behaviour change projects both related to energy and ultimately sustainability as well.

All the case studies on this page, and others in development, are very different both in EnCO scope, depth of that scope and % savings; if a project is 1* it will have been a very effective project but the savings quoted just don’t meet the level of proof that ESTA/EI/EnCO require going forward.  Please take the time to review all of the case studies and if you know of a case study that could be developed please contact the ESTA admin team on 0203 773 8165 or by emailing

Dr Samantha Mudie

Hospitality Sector

Dave Farebrother

Property Sector

Matthew Murphy

Gala Leisure


Cheney School, Oxford

Bourne Leisure

Bourne Leisure Limited

Discovery Mill

Heathrow Airport

JRP Solutions

Power systems manufacturer

Mulholland Energy

North Bristol NHS Trust

Speedwell Energy Services

Copthorne Barracks

nPower Business Solutions

Tata Steel

Discovery Mill

Vanderlande Industries

JRP Solutions


JRP Solutions

Severn Trent Water

Mulholland Energy

Aston University

Mulholland Energy

Furniture Manufacturer

Contribute your own Case Studies!

More case studies are always in development and if you wish to contribute through your own then please get in touch with us.