Energy Conscious Organisations

EnCO – stands for Energy Conscious Organisation


It is our mission to bring behaviour change programmes into the mainstream and contribute towards Net Zero.


To meet the UK’s 2050 net zero target a significant part of the solution for UK Government and end user organisations is the – still largely ignored – focus on behaviour change. Evidence suggests that behaviour change offers around 50% of the total potential energy savings available. The other 50% comes from technology and yet, as important as it is, technology gets all the focus. A shift is required, and soon, to ensure that the ‘hidden’ and largely untapped savings available from behaviour change are realised.

What is an EnCO?

Start your journey towards becoming an Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO) Today!

EnCO exists to help organisations who want to work towards net-zero and show their commitment to it by implementing our best-practice behavioural change programme that improves energy efficiency.

With a little guidance from us we hope that you too will become an EnCO and join the other organisations who are doing their bit to fight the climate crisis!





We want to help organisations to understand the positive impact that they can have on the world by taking some simple steps and implementing a behaviour change programme that creates lasting effects.

This is why we created the EnCO Accreditation and Programme, which is our expert guide on becoming a more energy conscious organisation and reducing your environmental impact.


We believe all organisations should be doing their bit to reduce their environmental footprint. An effective behaviour change strategy is an important part of that.


The EnCO Gap Analysis will help you and your organisation to effectively manage behaviour change initiatives that improve energy efficiency and drive us towards net-zero.


Become an EnCO practitioner or find one for yourself that can help you to start your journey towards becoming an EnCO today. We all have a part to play in net-zero

Upcoming Course Dates:

Four 2 hour modules on 21 January, 4 February, 25 February and 11 March 2021

Four 2 hour modules on 28 January, 11 February, 5 March and 19 March 2021

Four 2 hour modules on 15 April, 29 April, 20 May and 3 June 2021

Staying connected!

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